About World Education Consultant

World educational consulting is more than a service

It is a professional relationship for the people that have been helped through sensitive and ethical commitment to human integrity for over 25 years. From assessment services to placement in specialized settings, WEC is known for assisting clients to navigate through the maze of school and program confusion to provide a very select and stylized form of educational or treatment planning.

From private boarding to day schools to more supported communities, World Education Consultant is there to provide options. We hope we can be of service, and please read the featured text of this website for free advice.

More than
a service.

Dr. Burdick, founder and president of WEC

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and witness a lifelong passion of mine to help others fulfill their dreams. Personally, my passion materialised early, as I traveled around the world three times, on my own by the age of 16. I studied and graduated high school in Switzerland, lived in Dubai and early on felt comfortable living in diverse cultures, as an American. I’ve never stopped traveling, learning languages and experiencing diversity since those early days, and believe that it takes a determined person willing to risk in developing a base outside of their own.

Boarding in an international school did that for me. I often say that boarding is good for anyone, and I believe it ’s true, as I’ve both lived and seen it. It brings about maturity, independence, and motivation. It can make a difference for young women boarding in all girls boarding schools, and it can help young men boarding with other young men. And, co-ed boarding works for obviously many young people, as well in providing a way to build positive relations through team work across genders. Finding the right boarding school partners are essential, and that’s where we can help.

Eventually, we do graduate and go on to needing to ‘get’ a life. In finding path for our clients, we look to our partners in upper education, graduate education, gap year education to help organize experiences, internships, work trainings all across the globe. Which begs the question: Will you fit in? How comfortable will you feel?

I’ve learned from experience that assessing one’s needs against ones talents is the first step to progressing and growing within that cultural environment, and developing those language and cultural skills. What’s next important is commitment. Learning language outside of a setting is difficult if not impossible. Learning language within a culture is much, much easier, faster, and useful. That’s why I partner with the best providers of camps, home stays, language schools, and professional language conference facilities. We have options for all ages.

My experience as an author, composer, educator, and psychologist has show me that creativity is the basis for effective learning and long term retention. That’ why I ask that you express your dreams, your ambitions, your challenges, and let us help work through your ‘blocks’ to making change come about. We are a boutique consulting firm that is there to help you find you passion and achieve your goals. Give us a chance, and we’ll bring you a world of opportunity.