Boarding schools

Why boarding? From diverse academics to interscholastic sports, travel opportunities to clubs to leadership training, boarding offers a future for your child, as well as your family’s legacy.

As a parent you’ll want your child in a place where they will thrive, a place that’s safe in your knowing who are the staff in command; a school that’s reputable and provides the sound education outcomes.

For your child, they’ll want a school that speaks to their interests and ability to participate,
in a strong peer of community of advocacy with selected regional factors such as culture and diversity. In total, the you’ll want a school that instills growth and maturity in organisation, self enlightenment, team work and work production.

WEC looks at the ‘whole child’ and the expectations of the family in making boarding and day school recommendations. We take a ‘world view’ and places children throughout the globe in the best environments that blend tradition and innovation. We provide academic assessments in finding the best boarding option for you.

Our boarding school options range from the best in US to Canada, South America, UK to EU to Russia and beyond. We can help make a life-changing difference in your child’s education and trajectory of personal success. We help make dreams come true for families with our boutique style of hand picked school choices.

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