Language and Cultural Exchange

Language & Cultural Exchange exist together, and not apart. No one learns a foreign language in a vacuum, outside of culture. That doesn’t work. It takes a village, a family, an individual who is willing to put out the effort to live outside their own comfort level and enter into another world, another dimension. So where do you begin? Here’s where we help.

It first takes an assessment of your interests in specific cultures and need for communication within that culture. If you’re a student, then your needs are more academic perhaps in nature, and peer related to extend to working with that society. If you’re a professional, you’ll need to use work – focused language, along with social language. Language schools provide opportunities to meet others at their school, work, community to provide momentum and opportunity to use your skills.

We have partners you’ll like. If you’re looking for home stays in US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Quito, wherever you’d like we have language schools with home stay opportunities. if you want to learn professional Spanish in Costa Rica in the morning, surf in the afternoons, and use your language in the evening, we have programs you’ll like. We follow you’re lead and help to investigate and determine your language needs.

You’ll make friends and relationships that can last months and years. It can start at an early age, in a camp in France or UK or Canada. You can spend a summer recreating with others, enjoying a waterskiing or swimming or a winter of skiing the Alps. Tell us where and when, and we’ll find a partner to help put together your future, today!