Hospitality and travel

Many young people are interested in event planning to hospitality management; catering to culinary skills; B&B set up to hotel administration. Others want travel industry related occupations such as jobs in traditional airline and private transportation, echo tourisms and outdoor recreation; travel conference and conventions, security and internet based business, and more.

Travel is a multibillion dollar industry offering tailored made training options to entrepreneurs who want to work with business owners to general public. It is a ‘people oriented’ profession that demands specialised training to help support and manage expectations of those from places across the globe. From California to Connecticut, Canada to Cuba, Switzerland to Spain, Tokyo to Tibet, Russia to Riyadh — we have programs. Our options are providers by partners who are the ‘best’ in supporting your interests and level of motivation.

We help you navigate the training schools that offer both flexible and full time schedules. Count on us to find you a partner in the travel industry that will make your dreams come true. Together, let’s find that ‘perfect opportunity’, a partner that provides a life changing experience, one that leads to years of personal success.

There are vocational assessments available to you in helping to actualize the best option for you. Before investing in a career, it’s smart to analyze your profile against others who are happy with their decision through comparing attributes, interests, and motivation. A few hours of assessment can provide a lifetime of comfort in avoiding a ‘bad’ decision in career direction.