WEBA October 2017: How Impressive was the HDMi and the Conference?

Is this where I YODEL!!! in telling what great of a job Richard, Daniela, Jimmy did in putting us all together? I'm not sure that anyone could ever outdo themselves, but every year the annual conference gets better and this was no exception. the conference was made up of multiple schools, from high school to [...]

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A new Swiss Boarder: Class of 2018

Congratulations to a new TASIS Switzerland student! I'm so happy to have been the referral professional for this young lady, a Washingtonian from the state of Washington, who is now ‘officially’ enrolled and will be attending TASIS Lugano starting this summer and transitioning into the fall of 2017. Her parents are proud of her accomplishments [...]

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3 European Education Options in 7 Days

Incredible joy to have spent such quality time in front of school, college, and training institution representatives. Great hope for we humans who wish to maximise our potential. From quality boarding schools outside Paris to learn fluent French to hospitality training (hotels, restaurant, concierge) to college to learning English to summer sports programs to US [...]

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