img_2722Incredible joy to have spent such quality time in front of school, college, and training institution representatives. Great hope for we humans who wish to maximise our potential. From quality boarding schools outside Paris to learn fluent French to hospitality training (hotels, restaurant, concierge) to college to learning English to summer sports programs to US MBA programs, we have it covered.

Many of these programs have limited opportunity for scholarships and reduced tuition, so it’s best to work proactively if money is an issue. If not, then, the sky’s the limit. Truly, never had I personally had such great food provided by a school than I did in France and Switzerland. Between the two, I’m still questioning myself. Face it: International education is ‘where it’s at’ and boarding opportunities such as these are aggressively pursued by families from all parts of the world.

img_2756What we do different is present options that work for individuals who want to achieve and maximise their potential. If that’s you, we can help in supporting you before these institutions. Imagine, learning French while you’re baking or pursuing your front end hotel training in a school in Paris. Imagine, learning how to fly an airplane while in boarding school outside of Paris. Imagine, skiing the Alps in Switzerland while progressing in restaurant training, or learning sports outside London while furthering your English. IMAGINE!