Zurich, Berlin, London — in one fell swoop!

Excited about travels to Zurich for WEBA, Berlin for School Connections, and Lee's London Event. In just returning from Arizona and California for clients in programs, Europe is the next scheduled travel for events. Can't wait to see my colleagues and good friends! Expect great options to be reviewed in next two weeks.

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Today on Int’l School Finder

Today on Int'l School Finder Live we ask tough questions of the following US international schools:  Chatham Hill in Virginia Currey Ingram Academy in Tennessee Grier School in Pennsylvania Wayland Academy in Wisconsin Western Reserve Academy in Ohio Here's a preview: Tell me about how international parents of students at your school feel supported and what that [...]

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Finland is NOT just for reindeer anymore

Finland Not just for Reindeer Seriously, what do you know about Finland? Maybe you heard it's the happiest place on earth with the best medical care? Did you know it's European Green Capital? Did you know the university offers a technology, environmental science, business, tourism and hospitality, bachelor in education, social services and health care? [...]

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Swiss Alternative School Calling!

Above the lovely city of Lucerne, Switzerland there is a school situated in the Alps in route to Interlaken, one of the most exceptional vistas of the world offering tremendous skiing and other outdoor sports. There you'll find a school that uses both English and German language to communicate academics, values, and culture to youth. [...]

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Shrub Oak Int’l School

Today is a tour of Shrub Oak Int'l School, a premier day & boarding school for spectrum youth located close to Mohegan Lake, I’ve waited to tour for quite some time, & today’s day. Wendy admissions director was kind to conduct the tour that was quite informative.

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London OnLine

London calling! We have the best education partners to make your future bright. London OnLine College is an example where you can keep your day job and pursue your higher education options at night. It sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no. You still need advisement to get it right and keep up the pace, [...]

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Choose Your Destiny – the World is Waiting!

...tackle the challenge. It begins with you becoming educated. We've got your back! WEC has your back! Here are 2 examples: I have added two new schools on the roster of World Educational Consultant today. The first is it amazing school in Dubai called Repton Dubai https://www.reptondubai.org. 10 years old and favored by many of [...]

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Zuerich, not Zurich: This is not a misspelling!

Zuerich is not Zurich, according to the Swiss who live here; and neither should it be for the US / UK and other English only speaking citizens. Beyond chocolate, you'll find an entire culture filled with pragmatic, yet sophisticated ways and filled with surprises! Cowbells aside, I travel to the best educator conference known as [...]

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Mountain Springs Academy for HS Students AND Post HS for Diploma!

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy is located in Cedar City, southern Utah. It has a generous campus area surrounded by a safe neighborhood. The main building is amazingly efficient with classrooms (where real teachers give real instruction), cafeteria, advisors offices, nurses office, administration all enclosed. There are close independent living quarters in townhomes for both international [...]

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PaciaLife Portugal: Helping Gap Year Youth on Road to Maturity!

Let me be the first to introduce you to a new concept for "developing adults" 17 y.o. to 25 y.o. males and females. It is a gap year program in Cascais, Portugal. It looks to inspire young people to adopt mature, independent and successful paths. The owners include PaciaLife US founders who have brought to [...]

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