drburdickCongratulations to a new TASIS Switzerland student! I’m so happy to have been the referral professional for this young lady, a Washingtonian from the state of Washington, who is now ‘officially’ enrolled and will be attending TASIS Lugano starting this summer and transitioning into the fall of 2017.

Her parents are proud of her accomplishments and recognize the hurdles that she has had to overcome personally to bring this about for herself.

It is likely to brag, however I must in this case and saying that it took my going up to visit this young lady to recognize what others had not. In our conversation, it became apparent that she had international interest and talents that would match up perfectly with what this school in Lugano can offer. TASIS is my alma mater, and in knowing the quality of the school, the staff, including administration of the school and my personal relationship with them, I know she’ll get the best of care. Congrats to my Washingtonian, soon to be a Swiss resident student!

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