…tackle the challenge. It begins with you becoming educated. We’ve got your back!

Here are 2 examples:

I have added two new schools on the roster of World Educational Consultant today. The first is it amazing school in Dubai called Repton Dubai https://www.reptondubai.org. 10 years old and favored by many of our global expat families coming from the States UK and the EU. It is well represented in the top Emirates Schools. It has fantastic sports program including indoor downhill skiing (correct, indoor!) and more importantly an impeccable academic-achievement minded program.

The second school, Saint Charles is in the Swiss Alps. It is known its beautiful location and exceptional Swiss matura academics. Located in a French & German Swiss Canton of Jura in Switzerland it provides families with assurance of safety with superb sports and all of the Swiss geography that can be offered. Less than a mile from Basel it has easy access to city life with supervised visits. Visit www.saint-charles.ch.

Looking to recruit for additional schools that are highlighted by my blog. These are two exceptional ones, that I’m happy to advise and recommend to the right student and family. You have nothing to lose and everything to include a bright future!