Let me be the first to introduce you to a new concept for “developing adults” 17 y.o. to 25 y.o. males and females. It is a gap year program in Cascais, Portugal. It looks to inspire young people to adopt mature, independent and successful paths. The owners include PaciaLife US founders who have brought to the EU a truly unique gap year option for developing young adults:  A protected, comfortable home environment for students in their quest to reach optimal personal health and education goals whilst pursuing a truly unique international experience — one in the amazing sunny, and active European community of Cascais, Portugal.“Our mission is simple: create a *Culture of Welcome* where young adults can thrive and discover a life purpose through healthy activity.” PaciaLife Portugal provides assessment to help students design “healthy living” programs around recreation, education, vocation, all in active Cascais surrounded by beach & surf with cascades of mountains, yet with easy access to Lisbon and Azure islands. For more information, give us a shout. We know all about this premier gap year option, and can tell you if it’s right for your young adult. We will set up the interview and take if from there. The Cascais community is vibrant and welcoming for young people to feel safe and develop into mature individuals.